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New Theory

Shooting, quite simply is the art of using ones body to create a mechanical advantage with one's stick.  Creating this mechanical advantage is to serve either of two primary objectives;  shaft/blade speed or shaft/blade flex. 

One has to realize that to accelerate a puck from zero to 90 mph while standing still is no simple task. One must visualize that if the blade of a hockey stick is traveling through the air at 90 mph then surely the puck must do the same. The question is of course, how does one get the blade to accelerate  to this speed? 

This is accomplished through a combination of  biomechanics and strength. Biomechanics by definition is; "The study of the mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.

In other words, one must have all the joints of the body aligned perfectly and movement of all limbs accelerated in the correct sequence with maximal strength and velocity for this  event to take place.

There are approximately 30 mechanical elements ranging from top and bottom hand grip, separation of hands, shoulder position , upper body alignment, transfer of weight, flexion and extension of the arms, etc.

A perfectly executed wrist shot or slap shot is indeed a marvelous thing. 

Good shooting all!



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