Shooting Fundamentals: Slap Shot

The Slap-shot is a medium to long range shooting skill. The animation on the left is to demonstrate several key shooting points as well as a visual anatomical view of the muscles involved.


1. Loading phase. Weight is over back leg with torso rotated so as to create rotational power through the midsection. Posterior (back) and medial (middle) delts (see workout section) bring the stick upwards on back-swing. Player inhales on loading phase.


2. Transition phase: Weight transfer begins on down swing with upper body rotating. In this example the eyes are focused on the puck.


3. Firing phase: The body has completed transfer of weight and torso has completed rotation. The top hand once extended pulls back into the body so as to assist in flexing the stick shaft as blade makes contract with the ice.  Arm locks with fingers, forearm, bicep, anterior (front) delts and pecs (chest) as well as obliques taking impact force and providing stability and strength at flex point (where shaft bends). Player exhales on firing phase.

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