1. PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE CLASS, PLEASE CHECK ONLINE FOR ANY SCHEDULE CHANGES. I HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO REACH PEOPLE DUE TO INSUFFICIENT CONTACT INFORMATION. If Shooting Schedule DOES NOT have your name showing and you have a time booked through email (I DO NOT TAKE BOOKINGS OVER THE PHONE) please call me immediately. Please DO NOT assume that you have a time if it does NOT show on the site. If you would like information on the program, feel free to call at any time. I can be reached at 604-317-7135. I will NOT be responsible for making up time slots for people that CANNOT READ THIS NOTICE.


2. PLEASE NOTE: Due to my professional clients,  I do travel and plans do change suddenly. I do try to reach people prior to doing so but it is impossible when I do not have your preferred method of communication. Please provide me with your most current information so that I can so so. Thank you.



The Target Shooting System  

is a fully integrated training program that provides the player with a complete comprehensive skill base from which to fully develop all shooting fundamentals.

This integrated approach enables the player to fully comprehend different shooting styles, their applications and their subsequent effect on other key fundamentals such as stick handling, puck-handling and skating.


BY Clicking on the following link, it is understood that I fully understand the aforementioned information and accept the terms of service. I appreciate your business and will endeavor to accommodate all clients whenever possible. If there are times that are not shown on the site schedule, please email an alternate time that may work since my schedule is flexible in the mornings and early afternoon. Thank You.




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*Times are subject to change based on availability 

 Shooting Classes - Costs per session

  1/2 Hour Session 45 Minute Session (please note that 45 minute sessions are for teams so as to manage 1.5 hour blocks) 1 Hour Session
1 player $45 $60 $80
2 players $30 each player = $60 $45 each player - $90 $60 each player = $120
3 players $25 each player = $75 $40 each player = $120 $50 each player = $150
4 players - only if there are 2 right and 2 left handed players $20 each player = $80 $35 each player = $140 $40 each player = $160
On Ice Training Sessions - Costs per session 
1 Player 1 hour session minimum $125/hr
2-5 Players 1 hour session minimum $150/hr
6-10 Players 1 hour session minimum $200/hr
10+ Playes 1 hour session minimum $250/hr