Summer Training Exercises: More to come. Below is not all finished so patience please and thanks. 

Triceps / Arm Training: Foundation / Sport Specific Strength Training Exercises

There are many exercises for the back of the upper arm (triceps). I will keep adding exercises as we progress along. The following are exercises that I focus on the most when training. Good Luck!

It is important to warm-up with light weights for a couple of sets using higher reps. I believe in using 30 reps for the first warm up set, 20 for the second, and then set of 10 thereafter until I reach my training weight unless performing high reps sets of 40% (30-40 reps) of 1 RM. This is a muscle specific warm-up.
No. Exercise Picture: Start Picture: Finish Basic Description
1 DB Rotational Kick - backs This exercise works the upper area of the back of the arm. I use this exercise as a sport specific exercise for hockey (pushing off). It works the back of the shoulder as well. Keep the elbow in a high position as shown with the upper arm above parallel / floor position with the elbow 
2 French Press

This is a very common exercise that most trainers use. What is important is technique. As shown in the first picture, it is important to keep the elbows back slightly from a perpendicular (to floor) position. This keeps the tension on the triceps. Lower to top of forehead while inhaling, extend weight and exhale. This exercise can be performed with DBs as well either together with palms inward (hammer grip) or in a reverse position (palms down - shown palms up). By bringing the elbows further back, the area of the triceps worked changes to higher up on the arm.
3 Vertical French Press

This is one of my favorites. It stretches out the triceps and shoulder area. Perform as shown stretching backwards and extending overhead. With heavier weights a buddy system should be used to hand you the weights from behind. Again, DBs can be used for different grip variations or a reverse grip (palms down) can be used as well. Inhale when lowering weight, exhale when pressing.
4 Rope Press Down

Again, a favorite and I use as a sport specific exercise. Keep the elbows back and against sides as shown. I like to relax the fingers and wrists at the top to get a light stretch. Push down while exhaling and at bottom of lift, lock out to sides of body. This is where everyone cheats. Lock out!.
5 Box Dips This excise is used for a wide variety of training; shoulders, lower chest and back of arms. Two benches can be used as shown. Lower body straight down clearing side of bench until stretch is felt and then press upwards exhaling as you do so. Addition weight (plates) can be placed in the lap for additional resistance.
6 Dips

Perform as above. This is a more advanced exercise due to the strength required to lift body weight. Additional weight can be added by use of a belt which is found in most Gyms.
More to come!