Ladder Training Progression Charts

In the following diagrams, I have tried to progress from a simple sport specific hockey exercise into more complicated training exercises. Why I have focused more on the lower body is due to memory as well as primary content. In skating, the leg action is critical. Knee action, both inside and outside legs as well as the stepping in and stepping out action of set and/or recovery is the key to off-ice cross training. There will be more to follow. RON

Ladder Drills for Hockey Specific Training 

Drill No. 1 - Knee Up Drills. March through ladder spaces keeping knees high and toes pointed. These pictures show only knee action. When performing aggressively, drive with arms alternating left arm and right leg, right arm and leg. Ankle weights can be used (1lb to 2 lb max). If ankle weights are used use corresponding wrist weights to counter body imbalance.

Drill No. 2 - Perform as Drill No. 1 with the exception of rotating the body sideways approximately 45 degree. Perform high step  keeping knees high on crossovers, foot  pointed as shown (outside leg). On under-cross, keep foot pointed on step through, knee action high as shown and set into next box on the balls of the foot. Perform to both left and right sides. Coordinate arms and legs together. Weights again can be used. 

Drill No. 3 - In this exercise the objective is to perform crossovers down the length of the ladder moving from side to side. As shown in the diagram, the foot crossing over lands inside the ladder square (1), the other foot on the under-cross steps out (2). Prior to taking the next crossover step in to the next square, the foot already inside the ladder steps out and next to the outside foot prior to the crossover action. Make sure that the step in is aggressive with knee action and onto the ball of the foot when making contact with the floor. Concentrate on good knee action (up and down briskly) when performing this drill.  Pictures run from left to right and top to bottom in sequence of 4

Drill No. 4 - This exercise is performed as Drill No.3 (knee action, toes pointed) with the exception being a backward 45 degree rotation on the step in. Pictures run from left to right and top to bottom in sequence of 5


Drill No. 5 - Adduction and Abduction. Stepping in and out of spaces bringing feet together and then apart. Perform on the balls of the feet.



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