Summer Training Exercises: More to come. Below is not all finished so patience please and thanks. 

Abdominal / Trunk Training: Foundation / Sport Specific Strength Training Exercises

It is important to warm-up with light weights for a couple of sets using higher reps. I believe in using 30 reps for the first warm up set, 20 for the second, and then set of 10 thereafter until I reach my training weight unless performing high reps sets of 40% (30-40 reps) of 1 RM. This is a muscle specific warm-up.
No. Exercise Picture: Start Picture: Finish Basic Description (to come)
1 Upper Ab Crunch

2 Russian Twists

3 Lower Ab Crunches

4 Lower Abs Straight Leg Raise
5 Apex Leg Raise

6 Hanging Leg Raise

7 Hanging Cross Crunch

8 Side Crunch

More Later!