The following exercises are from basic to more advanced. More exercises will be included over the next few weeks as my time permits. RON

Core Ball Exercises for Hockey Specific Training

Start Pos Finish Pos Description

Push ups - Down to floor keeping back straight and extend elbows to level position. Breathe out on extension.

Walking Push-ups - perform as shown (legs slightly higher behind ball without arching the back) and walk forward and backwards into position on hands.

The Bridge - using the ball to roll forward using the thighs and back using the hamstrings.  Keep abs tight

Cross Crunches - Stretch back with elbow and cross elbow to front medial position breathing out on contraction. Alternate left and right sides. 

Side Lateral Raise - Shown as two leg variation. Perform as shown breathing in when raising weight, out when lowering. 

Side Lateral Raise - Shown as one leg variation. Perform as shown breathing in when raising weight, out when lowering. 

Rotating or "Arnold" Press - Perform as shown breathing out on push and in when lowering weight. Can be done with two legs to start then progress to one.

Forward Lateral Raise - As shown, arms in front, raise over head keeping arms straight. Breathe in when raising weight, out when lowering. Perform with both legs on the floor and as balance improves, use one.

Dumbbell Flye - Several variations depending on weight used (elbows bent and done more as a press). Shown one leg variation breathing out when raising weights, down when lowering.

Swimmer - Center ball in between shoulder blades. Start with both weights above you then lower alternating one to forward position and one over-head position. Shown as one-leg exercise. Can start using both feet. Finish position as shown. 

Reverse lateral Raise - As shown, arm to the side with forearms in a slightly forward rotated position, raise weights to above parallel position. Breathe in on exertion (raising wt.) and out when lowering. 

Squat - Perform as shown, raising and lower body weight breathing is when squatting and out when extending. Can be done with dumbbells or a bar as skill level increases. Bar can be placed in front or behind the head. 

Trunk Exercises

The objective is to roll the ball back and forth in a straight line. Inhale when extending, exhale when flexing. Keep abs and obliques tight

Perform as above except with single leg. Alternate leg each set. 

There are two variations as shown here and below. As the ball is brought forward, rotate trunk as shown alternating to left and right sides. In the second variation the ball is rolled slight back and to the side keeping a compact position. This is primarily for the obliques (not to mention arms at this point). Sets can be performed either repetitively to one side and then switching to opposite after set complete or can alternate left and right as one repetition.  Single leg variation can be done provided it is in the abduction phase (outside of leg) and performed as repetitive sets, say to the left, before switching to the right side. Exhale on crunch and inhale on extension.

Performing as a bridge exercise. Involves the hamstrings, gluts (butt) and back. Perform as shown. Do not put pressure on neck (keep relaxed). 

Same as above with the exception of performing with one leg.

Very basic. Knee on ball and use trunk for stabilization. Once proficient, practice rolling ball either forward and back slightly under body or in very small circles left and right.