Summer Training Exercises: More to come. Below is not all finished so patience please and thanks. 

Biceps / Arm Training: Foundation / Sport Specific Strength Training Exercises

There are many exercises for the biceps. I have shown some of the most basic but over time will include many more so as to provide some variety. Good training and good luck!

It is important to warm-up with light weights for a couple of sets using higher reps. I believe in using 30 reps for the first warm up set, 20 for the second, and then set of 10 thereafter until I reach my training weight unless performing high reps sets of 40% (30-40 reps) of 1 RM. This is a muscle specific warm-up.
No. Exercise Picture: Start Picture: Finish Basic Description
1 Biceps Standard Bar Curl

This is a favorite. I like that fact that it is simple and gets the job done. Keep the elbows against sides of body and slightly forward so as to keep tension on the biceps. Position your hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Curl upwards exhaling, inhaling when lower TO THIGHS. Do not let elbows move backwards. Keep them in a frontal position. 
2 Biceps Reverse Bar Curl

Perform as above with the exception that the hands are in a palm down grip. A much lighter weight will be used to start so don't be surprised at the difference in arm strength between the two exercises. This exercise primarily uses a small group of muscles than the standard biceps curl.
3 Preacher Curl - Knurled Bar

This exercise targets the lower part of the biceps which is critical in shooting fundamentals. Keep elbows against the pad and lower the weight (do not lock out completely - keep the elbow joint slightly bent) inhaling as you do so. Exhale when raising the weight. I do not like to go all the way up. I want a continual contraction (tension) on the biceps so slightly above 45 degrees (shown) is the highest that I go. A variety of hand positions can be used: Reverse grip, hands out, hands in, etc. Dumbbells can be used as well. (pics later).
4 "Zottman" Curls - Hand position

I like this exercise because it trains the total  arm, (although coordination can be a problem which is why I have provided these pictures to the left). Basically, the wrists turn over at the top and bottom of the movement (not in the middle). Alternate left to right continuously until set is finished. Breathe in on one cycle and out on one cycle (cycle is left and right, etc)
5 Zot - Curls Top / Bottom and Middle Position

Perform as above. Shown on right pic. is the mid position with the wrists turned over palm down when lowering the weight and palm up when raising.
6 High Cable Curls

This exercise is for the long head of the biceps which players seem to miss or not train very well. This muscle helps to stabilize the upper arm/shoulder joint.  Keep the elbow in a high position and pull towards shoulder as shown. Adjust distance away from weight stack as well as height of elbow so as to target proper muscle load. Breathe out on exertion.