Shooting Facts: in no particular sequence and I will be adding more as we go along!

1. 2 ways to aim

    a. Top hand left to right

    b. Bottom hand up and down


2. 3 basic ways to shoot

    a. Push/sweep

    b. Push/pull

    c. Push/pull/turn


3. 4 basic top hand grip positions

    a. 1/8 closed

    b. V grip

    c. 1/8 open

    d. 1/4 open


4. 5 basic hand width positions

    a. wrist shot 1 position

    b. wrist shot 2 position

    c. snap shot speed/flex position 3

    d. snap shot flex position 4

    e. slap shot position 5


5. 5 basic game situations

    a. stationary basic

    b. rebound control

    c. carry - stride/crossover/tight turn

    d. stick handle dribble/tap/scull

    e. one time


6. 4 different stances

    a. Closed parallel

    b. Open parallel

    c. Inside leg

    d. outside leg


7. 4 basic shooting levels of instruction

    a. shot mechanics

    b. sliding hand techniques

    c. cross body - natural/offwing, forehand/backhand

    d. feet/hand sets and spins


8. 4 levels of teaching

    a. mechanics

    b. theory-movement, location

    c.  management

    d. tactical integration


9. 9 basic attack lanes

    a. natural perpendicular

    b. natural diagonal

    c. natural parallel

    d. offwing perpendicular

    e. offwing diagonal

    f. offwing parallel

    g. direct

    h. wrap-around natural side

    i. wrap-around offwing side


10. 3 basic fundamentals of shooting

    a. loading

    b. aiming

    c. firing


11. 4 mechanical principles

    a. shaft speed

    b. blade speed

    c. shaft flex

    d. blade flex


12. 5 basic points of loading;

    a. top hand grip

    b. bottom hand width

    c. shoulder closed hand in front of hip

    d. feet parallel and shoulder width apart, staggered slightly

    e. puck on heel, aligned heel stick to heel


13. shooting sequence:

    a. bend knee

    b. bend bottom hand elbow

    c. aim top hand (push out)

    d. aim bottom hand (push out open up - to height if necessary)

    e. push bottom hand to target - extending shoulder/arm

    f. pull top hand back to body

    g. turn wrist over


14. Stick handling concepts for shooting:

    a. FH/BH stickhandling triangle (top hand pivot point, BH cupping extension point, FH cupping extension point)

    b. align to target (see through blade) on dribble

    c. Aiming triangle; Top hand to target, tip/heel of stick and target point itself


15. Prioritizing learning progression:

    a. Correct mechanics

    b. Accuracy

    c. Velocity

    d. Release speed

    e. Draws/drags/toeing/pushing

    f. Deception

    g. Screens


16. Shooting/stickhandling philosophy

    a. shoot off of stickhandling mechanics

    b. stickhandle off of shooting mechanics


17. Stickhandling methodologies

    a. dribble

    b. tap

    c. scull


18. 3 primary stickhandling movement patterns

    a. side side - horizontal (width)

    b. diagonal

    c. front to back - vertical (depth)


19. 3 ways to cup the puck for loading

    a. toe

    b. middle of the blade

    c. heel


20. 5 Attack and set/load progressions

    a. vertical

    b. horizontal

    c. diagonal

    d. regressive - away

    e. compressive - across


21. Biometric considerations

    a. width of shaft             1. 1st/2nd joints of top and bottom hand....rotational integrity


    b. thickness of shaft     1. thumb and index finger of bottom hand, 2nd/3rd joints...rotational integrity

                                            2. 2nd/3rd joints of top hand...rotational integrity


    c. edges of shaft            1. grip control

                                             2. rotational integrity


    d. tape of knob                1. grip control - finger joint position

                                               2. wrist rotational speed

                                               3. wrist flexibility



It is important to note that in each of the following shots, proficiency in approximately 30+ mechanical elements are required in order to perform them correctly! Once perfected, there are over 100 methods of loading the puck into shooting position! 



 Types of shots:


    1. FH Sweep shot

    2. FH wrist shot open parallel

    3. FH wrist shot closed parallel

    4. FH cross body closed parallel

    5. FH EU-Snap open parallel

    6.  FH EU-Snap closed parallel

    7. FH EU-Snap inside leg direct

    8. FH EU-Snap kick back snap   

    9. FH NA - Snap open parallel

    10. FH NA - Snap open parallel

    11. FH NA - Closed parallel

    12. FH NA - Inside leg

    13. FH NA - Kick back snap

    14. FH NA - Push snap

    15. FH EU - Wrist snap

    16. FH EU - Draw snap

    17. FH EU - Toe snap

    18. FH NA - Punch snap

    19. FH NA - Chip snap

    20. One time slap shot

    21. FH Sliding Hand Set slap shot

    22. BH Sliding Hand Set slap shot

    23. BW Toe Sliding Hand set slap shot

    24. Stop Tap set slap shot

    25. Cross Body Low slap shot

    26. Shoot in Stride slap shot

    27. Inside Leg slap shot

    28. 180 Stop Spin slap shot

    29. Slap shot fake outside drive

    30. Slap shot fake and spin-a-way

    31. FH Flip shot sweep

    32. FH Flip shot pull

    33. Toe Snap

    34. BH Sweep

    35. BH Flip

    36. BH Wrist

    37. BH Wrist Snap

    38. BH Chip Snap

    39. BH Slap Snap

    40. BH Toe Chip



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