Complete Video Tape Analysis for all hockey related skills


Analysis will include the following:


  Extensive visual and written evaluation of hockey specific skating fundamentals which include problems and corrections.

  Complete analysis of hockey specific puck handling and shooting fundamentals including problems and corrections.

  Complete training progression based on a 6 week, 1 year and 2 year progression.


1 - Complete Testing and Report Generation

2 - Team and Individual consultation regarding testing

3 - Practice plan consultation and drill implementation services.


Testing Prices:


Individual (individual provides 1.5 hours of ice)            Prices reflect quantity and report type.

                                                                               $10 per test (basic 5 tests and basic report)

                                                                               $50 per test  (amateur - advanced test and report)

                                                                               $200 per test (professional version - very advanced)

Team Rate (team provides 1.5 hours of ice)                $30 per test (amateur - advanced test and report )

                                                                               $75 per test (professional version - very advanced)


Video Analysis and Consultation:                                $150 - $250  (amateur depending on depth of analysis)

                                                                                $500 - $1000 (professional version)



Services will increase as site expands. Please watch for upgrades to Products and Services.


All Video tapes of game play or practice performance are to be sent to the attention of Ron Johnson, Quan-Tech Sport Systems Inc. at 10388 Nordel Court, Delta, B.C., V4G-1J7 C/O the Great Pacific Forum.