Next CanDo Assessment September 15, 2008



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ID   First Name   Initial   Last Name   DOB


Team    Division     Level      Shot

Skating - Stationary


  Basic Stance 

 Knees and Up 

2 Foot Jump  

Stickhandling - Stationary


 "V" Grip Top Hand

   No. 2 Hand Width

Side/Side Dribble (S)

Shooting - Stationary


 FH Sweep Shot

BH Sweep Shot

 FH Flip Shot



 Poke Check

 Stick Lift

Skating - Forward Motion


Scooting Left Foot

Scooting Right Foot

  One Foot Glide Left

One Foot Glide Right

FW Stop Left Foot

 FW Stop  Right Foot

Crossover Walk Left

Crossover Walk Right

 Knees and Up Stick

 Glide Turn Left

 Glide Turn Right


Skating - Backward Motion


C-Cut Start Left Foot

C-Cut Start Right Foot

 Continuous C Cuts

 C-Cut Stop Left Foot

C-Cut Stop Right Foot

Stickhandling - Motion


Side Side Glide

Shooting - Motion


 FH Sweep Shot

 FH Flip Shot

Rules - Game Comprehension



Off Side Blueline




Puck Control


Two Hand FH Start

Two Hand BH Start

One Hand Carry FH

One Hand Carry BH

 Two Hand FH Push

 Glide Turn Carry FH

Glide Turn Carry BH

 Two Hand Stop FH

Two Hand Stop BH

Pass/Receive - Stationary


 FH Sweep Pass

 BH Sweep Pass

FH Receive

 BH Receive



Faceoff Wing DZ

Faceoff Center DZ

Faceoff Def DZ

Faceoff Wing NZ

Faceoff Center NZ

Faceoff Def NZ

Faceoff Wing OZ

 Faceoff Center OZ

 Faceoff Def OZ

Pass/Receive - Motion


FH Sweep Pass

 FH Receive

 BH Receive





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