The following exercises require some training aids that may have to be made or purchased. The mini-boards I make myself out of Oak or some other hard wood and 2" split hard wood dowelling. Screwed and glued into place they are practically indestructible. More to come later. RON

Balance Exercises for Hockey Specific Training



Squat (wobble board) - Find balance point, squat to parallel position (lower if feet in wide position - for hip flexibility - advanced position) breathing in when going down, out when going up. Dumbbells or weight bar can be used depending on level of proficiency. 

Shown is the full mini-board on the left ( 4" x 8") and the half mini-board (4" x 5"0 on the right. These boards are designed to develop superior ankle and lower leg stability.

Athlete stands on full mini and while maintaining balance, semi-squat and extend to full upright position as shown. Semi-squat is beginner position. A full thigh-to-parallel position should be tried when competent.

Same as the above exercise but using the half mini. This board places greater stress on the ankles and muscles of the lower legs.

In the left picture is shown the 360 degree swivel board on a box approximately 2 feet high. In the right picture "Dan" is sitting, centered, and trying to maintain balance forward to back and left to right. Arm weights can be used or not as desired. Weight increase shoulder stress. This exercise is for the abdominals and obliques. Keep back straight and stomach tight.

Perform side laterals as shown maintaining balance, raising and lowering the weights.

Increase difficulty by performing one arm at a time alternating left and right sides.

Start position would be with both weights at shoulder height (looking at right side second picture). then pressing upwards as shown in picture to the left or singularly as shown on the right.

Forward lateral raise alternating left and right sides. To increase difficulty perform both arms at the same time.
Shown to the left are the mini-half and min-full boards on top of step platform. Box selected should, when using the mini-boards, provide adequate height so that the thigh is slightly above parallel for starting position.

Perform stepping on full-mini as shown balancing, stepping up and bringing knee high. Perform sets of multiple reps changing from one side to the other after set complete.

Same as above exercise except that we are using the side of the box. This keeps the height over the board placing more load on the lower thigh.